Lemon Lavender Mint from Choice Organic Teas

Lemon Lavender Mint

Lemon Lavender Mint

Oh my golly – this is pure love. Honest to goodness, this is probably one of my all-time favourite tisanes.

(And yes, that’s me pictured above with my cup of Lavender Lemon Mint)

Choice Organic Teas describes this tea as:

Our sophisticated organic blend features accents of sun-blessed lavender, layers of mellow lemon, and crisp mints in a fresh yet soft-tasting herbal tea.

This is one of those teas that really benefits from a good two spoonfuls of sugar (or your sweetner of choice), and I like to give it a five-minute brew under a mug cozy. The lavender gives a gently floral undertone to the mint and lavender, which to my tastebuds makes the combination, when sweetened, less candy-like than it otherwise would be. It is at once a complex and highly comforting blend. It’s also another brew that works beautifully iced in the nicer weather.


The Tea Reviewer

Awesome review – I’ve never heard of Choice Organic Teas before, I’m definitely going to check them out right now!! And do you know I own a set of those SAME exact cups??! lol





That is… I mean, what are the odds we would own the same mugs? That’s so cool!

The Tea Reviewer

LOL I showed my husband the photo and said, “Look at that cup, we have those”, and do you know what the silly git says? He says “Wow, she looks just like a younger, thinner you!” LMAO!


now hang on just a minute! you ought to upbraid him in no uncertain terms. really. what he should have said is that if we are teacup-twins, you are clearly the cooler, better-looking one. :p


Very informative blog. I’m not a big tea drinker, but every once in awhile
I like to try something different!

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