Nervous Gnome Tea Blend from Lavender Dragon Herbs

Nervous Gnome Tea Blend

Nervous Gnome Tea Blend

I sometimes have trouble drifting off to sleep, and wanted something to interrupt the incessant chatter of my brain.

I chose Nervous Gnome based on the wealth of information the seller gives in her shop profile – she’s studied herbs for many years and her ingredients are organic or wildcrafted. This light amber brew smells slightly minty and floral, with a pleasingly sweet taste.  I drank it black with no sweetener, but a dollop of clover or wildflower honey would complement the ingredients nicely.

Lavender Dragon Herbs describes this tea as:

This herbal blend will help to keep nerves calm, relaxes you and helps you fall asleep.

There is no list of what herbs are included in this blend.  The seller confirmed when asked that she uses {en:St_Johns_Wort|St. John’s Wort} and {en:Valerian}.  My two felines inform me it has {en:catnip} – I have to keep the tea container well-sealed and out of their reach. It’s probably what gives it the grassy mint flavor.  And  I’m able to visually identify as well as taste rose petals and lavender.

Since the seller promotes this primarily as a medicinal blend, she offered to adjust (free of charge)  the herbs to my liking if I found it wasn’t having the effects I desired.  I appreciated this personal touch, even though the tea was lovely just as it was.

I’ll be buying more Nervous Gnome – I enjoy the fresh mint taste, and it’s soothing without making me drowsy. It would be fabulous iced on a lazy summer day, or for an afternoon break at the office when the phone just won’t stop ringing.

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Thank you so much for your review and wonderful post about my tea.
Im so glad its helping you, which is why I started my business in the first place.
If I can be of any other assistance to you Please dont hesitate to contact me.


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