Nettle Tea from Heath & Heather

Nettle Tea from Heath & HeatherThis is a natural blend of 100% nettle tea.

This blend is naturally caffeine free.

I would like to start by saying I am pleased with the packaging , it is simple and the perfect size for a handbag or  work bag with  the added convenience of teabags.

I start by boiling my kettle. While boiling I open the box and I am pleasantly surprised by a very faint peppermint and grassy aroma.

Now my kettle has boiled I pour the hot liquid over the bag and let it steep for 5 minutes as stated on the box to bring out the full flavour.

As the tea begins to steep the aroma starts filling the air (very much like peppermint, but a lot milder) , I then notice that the liquid goes from a pale green to quite a dark green (looks a little like the tea has over steeped) .

After 5 minutes I take a sip of the tea and much to my delight the tea is a lot more refreshing than it looks (at this point the tea is very dark!).

Having never had nettle tea before I am really pleased as it tastes refreshing and clear with a very faint aroma of a peppermint tea.

It seems nettle tea is a great addition to anyone trying to lead a healthier lifestyle as it has a whole host of benefits including- relieving symptoms of bloating, diarrhoea, coughs, irregular periods, urinary infections and many more other ailments.

Heath & Heather describes this tea as-

Heath and Heather Nettle : Our expert blenders have carefully selected the finest Nettle leaves to create an infusion traditionally considered to be helpful in cleansing your system. (Format: 20s – String and Tag, 50s Round bag, no tag)

Overall I would describe this tea as a refreshing and satisfying blend with a whole host of health benefits- Good Work Heath & Heather!


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Nettle Tea from Heath & Heather: This is a natural blend of 100% nettle tea. This blend is naturally caffeine fr…

Roy Connelly

This nettle tea seems interesting! I would really love to try this so soon! Thanks for sharing this great post!

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