Nilgiri Organic from KTeas

Nilgiri Organic from KTeasDelicious!

While Nilgiri isn’t as popular as other Indian teas such as Assam, Ceylon or Darjeeling, it is my favorite of the four tea types.  It is bold and even a little malty like an Assam, but is not quite as harsh or persnickety as an Assam.

The flavor of this Organic Nilgiri from KTeas is sublime.  It has a stoutness to it – it is strong, malty and stimulating.  The malty taste gives it an almost caramel-like sweetness that remains throughout the sip, right up to the tail, when a note of astringency cuts through it to keep it from being cloying.  The astringency at the tail is tangy, which gives it an almost “citrus-y” like flavor that lingers into the aftertaste.  And I love that this is organic!

KTeas describes this tea as:

From a lesser-known region in southwest India than the more popular tea-growing regions of Assam and Darjeeling. Still, the Nilgiri is a delicious full-bodied Black Tea grown in perfect environmental conditions for quality, tasty teas. Great hot or iced.

This is a great breakfast tea, and takes to the additions of milk and honey well (although, I find it to be absolutely wonderful without additions).  It makes a great wake-up call, and will help get you going on those mornings when you’re feeling a bit sluggish.  It also makes a fabulous iced tea – try it with some thin slices of lemon or orange.  Dee-lish!

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I have been experimenting with a couple black teas and I find it to be more bitter than green and oolong tea. So I have been having trouble drinking black tea even though I really want to! I tend to find myself going for the oolong teas since I like the stronger flavor, but without the bitterness of the black teas.

I might have to try some of this Nilgiri.

Thanks for the review!

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