No. 47 (Bungalow) from Steven Smith Teamaker

No. 47 (Bungalow) from Steven Smith TeamakerAh… Darjeeling!

The aroma wafting out of my teacup is delightful – an earthy note, woodsy, but with subtle floral tones and perhaps even a slight chocolaty quality lingering in both the fragrance and the flavor.  This blend of first and second flush Darjeelings is so … perfect.

The flavor of this tea is so complex.  As I eluded to previously, there is a chocolaty characteristic to this tea.  But there is far more to this coppery colored liquor.  The earthy bouquet does not translate as strongly in the flavor – rather than describing it as “earthy” I would say that it is woodsy/toasted-nut essence, with a musky/fruity, dry wine-like quality to it.  Yes, pleasantly muscatel!  It has a tannic flavor – not overly bitter, but quite dry and with a nice astringency that leaves the palate feeling clean – much like sipping a very fine, dry Merlot.

Steven Smith Teamaker describes this tea as

About this Tea

Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, this blend of first and second flush organic Darjeeling Teas produces a light, yet complex tea with the aroma and flavor of fruits, nuts and flowers complemented by rich, toasty, buttery notes.


A blend of high grown hand-picked Indian Darjeeling first and second flush FTGFOP1 teas.


For best flavor, bring freshly drawn filtered water to a boil. Steep five minutes. Raise your cup gently with both hands as a quiet salute before drinking.

This is a beautifully brisk Darjeeling.  It would make a very fine afternoon tea – perfect for that time of day when you need a little something to get you back on track.  Because it has such a wine-like attitude to it, it would also be quite nice served with dinner, or perhaps something as simple as a tray of fruit and cheese.

Because I really love the complexity of flavors in a good Darjeeling such as this, I don’t usually drink it iced – the chill would mute some of that coveted flavor.  It doesn’t need sweetener – or any other additive for that matter.  It’s quite good just the way it is – hot… comforting… contentment.  Truly a lovely experience.

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