Oasis Green Tea from Tea Forté

Oasis Green Tea by Tea ForteThis is a lovely light Green Tea for everyday drinking.  Light and mellow with a smoothness that is soothing.  The most delicate of green teas forms a base for this blend which has slight whispery notes of flowers and citrus.  The flavoring on this tea is extremely light, so it tastes more like a hint of roses behind a slightly tangy background.

Ready to steep in Tea Forté’s signature clear pyramid sachets, with the most adorable paper leaf on top.

Tea Forté describes this tea as:

A healing blend of green tea, spring flowers, and citrus infusions. Naturally high in anti-oxidants, restorative and energizing.

Steeping Guidelines: Steep for 2-4 minutes, 175°F

Ingredients: green tea, marigold flowers, orange peel, rose petals, cornflower blossoms, flavoring

This tea can become bitter if oversteeped or brewed with too hot water.  Since the flavor and aroma is so delicate, you really have to keep an eye on this one, but it’s worth it.  When brewed properly (at 175 degrees for 2-4 minutes), it produces a nectar-like green tea brew.

I think this would lose a lot of it’s more subtle notes if it were served chilled, so I would recommend it served hot with or without sweetener.  I really enjoy this one in the afternoon!

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