Oolong Châtaigne from Dammann Frères

Oolong Châtaigne from Dammann FrèresRecently, I received a wonderful package full of Dammann Frères teas from a dear tea friend.  I’ve tried several of these teas, and I must say that I’ve yet to be disappointed by any that I’ve tried.

This darkly oxidized Oolong Tea evokes memories of the winter holidays because of its enchanting roasted chestnut flavor.  I’ve tried several chestnut flavored teas, but, I do think that this is my favorite of those that I’ve tasted.   The Brothers Dammann have really managed to capture the true flavor of warm, roasted chestnuts… so much so that it almost inspires me to break out into song … “chestnuts roasting on an open fire…”  Yeah… be glad that you’re THERE, and not HERE to hear that.  Let’s just say I’ll never make it to Hollywood at an American Idol audition.

This tea has a very pleasant mouthfeel.  It’s not quite as thick as a lightly oxidized (green) Oolong, but it has a very enjoyable texture to it – smooth and rich.  At the start of the cup, I could detect a delicious fruit and floral essence to the tea.  As I continue to sip, I can taste a slight buttery note, which is enhanced by the creamy texture of the Oolong.

And then there is the chestnut flavor!  Nutty and sweet, with a very decadent, rich taste to it.  It tastes like a freshly roasted and peeled chestnut.   The flavor is so comforting.  This tea tastes like a comforting memory feels:  a warm, toasty fire crackling in the fireplace while I (as a little girl) am cuddled up in a blanket, curled up next to my gramma as she reads a story to me before bedtime.  This tea tastes the way that memory feels… if you can imagine it.

Dammann Frères describes this tea as

The taste of chestnut is delicately raised by the natural warm taste of Oolong tea. Embellished with flowers from the tea bush itself.

This tea can be infused four times, and each infusion is smooth, rich and delicious.  I recommend drinking it hot for a couple of reasons.  First, most teas are just better when they’re served hot.  Chilling masks some of the more delicate nuances of a tea… making a great tea just a little less… well, great.

Second, chestnuts taste better when they are freshly roasted and still warm.  This chestnut tea tastes better when it is freshly brewed and still warm.  A tiny sprinkle of sugar will enhance the chestnut flavors even more, although without the sugar, this tea is still very delicious.

Another amazing tea from those amazing Dammann brothers!

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Brian H.

You’ve turned me onto a new tea company. The chestnut flavor will remind me of Hungary. We attended a chestnut festival there years ago. The only warm place was near the roasting chestnuts.

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