Oolong Coffee Tea from Dr. Tea’s Tea Garden

The idea behind this tea is to have something that tastes like coffee, but with less caffeine and with the additional health benefits of drinking tea. I don’t normally drink coffee, so when I ordered this tea, it was not so much because I wanted a coffee-flavored tea, but because I am nuts about Oolong, and wanted to see what unusual things Dr. Tea’s had done to Oolong Tea.

The tea leaves are dark and short – looking more like Black Tea than like Oolong. When brewed, this makes a very dark beverage. The aroma is somewhat coffee-like – not strong coffee, but a fainter coffee smell.

What this tea tastes like most, to me, is not coffee, but chicory, long used as a coffee substitute. That’s not a bad thing – I like chicory! It’s still popular as a blend with coffee in Louisiana – if you’ve had “New Orleans-style coffee” it was probably a coffee/chicory blend. Chicory is also used in some herbal tea blends to give a darker, stronger flavor than most herbals; for example, Celestial Seasonings‘ Roastaroma is mostly chicory. The long and short of this is, if you are expecting a taste identical to freshly-brewed coffee, this might be a bit disappointing, but if you want a somewhat milder coffee flavor, and/or if you like chicory blends, you’ll like this tea. It definitely doesn’t taste like Oolong tea, but it is a pleasant taste, full-bodied and dark without being bitter.

Dr. Tea describes this tea as:

Dr. Tea has invented this coffee replacement. Oolong, roasted in a similar process to coffee, mixed with roasted tea leaves and twigs combined with fresh essence of vanilla and vanilla blossoms.

If you like milk in your tea, you’ll particularly like it in this tea. It tastes good sweetened a little, too. On the other hand, this definitely is NOT a tea to add a lemon or lime wedge to.  As an iced tea, I didn’t find it as good as iced black tea or iced regular Oolong; I think it’s best drunk hot. If, however, you are a fan of iced coffee or iced chicory blends, you might like this iced, too.

This tea also comes as part of the Cravings Loose Tea Sampler (6 assorted flavored teas, about 6 servings per sample) and the Oolong Sampler (6 teas).

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I love coffee as much as I love tea, although I consume tea MUCH more. (I only have 1 cup of coffee daily.) I also love unique and “taboo” teas. This tea definitely qualifies as both! I love that it’s not flavored with coffee beans, but rather roasted like coffee beans to obtain the flavor. I’ve tried teas flavored with coffee before, but haven’t found anything close to this.

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