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Good Morning tea-lovers!

Today’s review is for a tasty Oolong.

This is Oolong Formosa otherwise known as Mount Dung Ti or Dung Tin or Dong Ding – The Frozen Peak.

As you can see from the image the tea leaves before brewing are very dark and round like little balls of tea rolled up.

They are very mild in scent and remind me very much of a pale and refreshing cup of Black Tea.

Tea Story advise that for brewing you add 1 tsp for 200ml, brew for 3-4 minutes at 80 degrees.

I think this cup is going to be refreshing and sweet and I am really looking forward to trying it.

I pop my kettle on to boil and take out my trusty china cup.

Whilst boiling I smell the tea leaves and pick up very subtle floral/sweet notes.

My kettle has now boiled so I pour the hot liquid into my teapot and let the leaves infuse.

As you may know from most of my reviews I tend to leave the tea leaves in the teapot infusing for maximum time to achieve maximum flavour.

4 minutes later I pour the hot liquid out into my cup and notice that the tea water is very pale and yellow in colour, looks to me like a clean tasting Oolong.

I take a sip and find the tea very tea-like, clean and fresh. I am actually very pleased with this and could imagine drinking this regularly as it isn’t heavy like some teas.

I am taking this tea without milk or sugar and feel that this is the best way as you get maximum flavour and can really appreciate the teas taste.

Tea Story describes this tea as-

Classic Formosa Oolong with fine green shimmering rolled leaf and bright yellow cup. Very aromatic.

Mount Dung Ti or Dung Tin or Dong Ding – The Frozen Peak 

The fertile slopes of Mount Dung Ding are home to the world’s finest Oolong Tea plantations.

This fabulous example of a Formosa Oolong is actually named after Mount Dung Ding, located in central Formosa, otherwise known these days as Taiwan. Also known as The Frozen Peak. Delightful Oolong produced in the classic Jade style – slightly oxidized. This beautiful tea is delicate and smooth with a lingering floral sweetness.  Leaves are handmade coiled into irregular balls.

medium caffeine

Brewing Instructions: 1 tsp for 200ml, 3-4 min, 80 °C

This particular tea is very good for multiple infusions. Just add fresh hot water to the pot and increase the steeping time slightly for each subsequent infusion. Repeat until the flavor starts to fade.

How many cups of tea there is:

20 grams – 15 cups*
50 grams – 38 cups*
100 grams – 76 cups*
150 grams – 115 cups*
250 grams – 192 cups*

* – on average, based on 200 ml cup and one infusion

Overall I would give this tea 10/10 for a good clean tasting, refreshing flavour. Thank You Tea Story

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