Ooooh Oolong from Urban Tea

Ooooh Oolong from Urban TeaA good-old stand-by Oolong…you know…one you just have to have on hand – is becoming more of a staple in both tea rookies and tea veteran’s cabinets and tea stashes!

Yes, you want that Oolong stand-by to be good but also memorable!

Ooooh Oolong has both of those qualities.  And speaking of quality…Urban Tea‘s Ooooh Oolong is top notch!

So, I guess it’s fitting that this isn’t called ‘just’ Oh Oolong – rightfully so they named it Ooooh Oolong!  YES!  Count them!  That’s 4 O’s!

Ooooh Olong from Urban Tea is very light in color and delicate in taste – but certainly NOT lacking!  It’s a buttery floral with a semi-sweet finish.  It’s crisp from start to finish. This is a very clean tasting tea and it makes me smile!

Urban Tea describes this tea as:

After picking, the leaves of this Chinese Oolong Tea are lightly scented with fresh magnolia blossoms then delicately hand rolled to produce this aromatic Ooooh Oolong. The leaves of this oolong slowly unfurl in hot water to produce a pale yellow infusion with a soft floral aroma. Oolong teas have long been prized for their many health benefits, including lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, aiding digestion and promoting weight loss. Did we mention it tastes great too? Ideally served with or after a meal.

So, if you are looking for a nice go-to Oolong – don’t just go with any old Oolong…head for the Ooooh Oolong from Urban Tea!



Hi Jenn, thank you so much for your reviews of our tea and for putting them on our facebook page. Just thought I should let you know, I tried clicking on the ‘urban tea’ link at the top of the ‘ooooh oolong’ review and it took me to the Urban Tea Merchant instead of Urban Tea.

The Tea Guru

Thank you so much for your clarification Kimberley! I’ve changed the URLs to accurately reflect your correct website address.

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