Orange Pomegranate from Tea Forté

Orange Pomegranate from Tea FortéI didn’t expect to like this tea, I honestly didn’t.  When I saw that rosehips and hibiscus were some of the first ingredients in this herbal blend, I cringed a little inside because usually speaking, blends with rosehips and hibiscus are overly tart and have a distinctive taste that I’m not keen on.  However, I will say that I was extremely pleasantly surprised by this blend when I tasted it.

I decided to try this tea out because of the pomegranate initially, because I’m a huge fan of pomegranate!  And I wasn’t disappointed because there is a very nice pomegranate flavor to this tea.  While the rosehips and hibiscus are present, they aren’t overtly noticeable, in fact you’d only notice them if you were really looking for the taste of them.  Mainly this fruit tisane is a lovely warm fruity flavor, combining apple, orange and pomegranate to make a delicious fruity tea.

Tea Forté describes this tea as:

Juicy orange and apple bits with tart pomegranate tang bring a touch of fall to this ruby red rosehip and hibiscus tea.

Ingredients:  apple pieces, {en:rosehips}, {en:hibiscus}, orange peels, sunflower petals, safflower, flavoring, natural {en:pomegranate} flavor, other natural flavors

This fruit infusion is just as lovely iced as it is served piping hot, and since it has no caffeine (and tastes like fruit punch almost), it would also make a fantastic children’s tea as well.  This goes great with a touch of sugar, but don’t add milk, it just doesn’t work with the strong fruit notes.

Packaged in Tea Forté’s signature silken pyramid sachets which are absolutely beautiful as well as the most sturdy tea sachets I’ve ever seen.  Absolutely adorable with a cute Green Tea leaf replica coming out of the top for you to remove the teabag with.  Because of the elegance of the tea sachet itself and the delicious flavor of this tisane, this would make an excellent tea for serving to guests…it makes quite the impression!

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