Orange Sencha from Two Leaves and a Bud

Orange Sencha from Two Leaves and a BudA light citrus Green Tea blend which is delicious served hot or iced.  This tea starts with a mellow, smooth sencha green tea base – one thing I love about the quality of Two Leaves and a Bud tea is that their focus is on the tea, not the flavorings.  The flavors never “hide” the tea, like some teas do, but instead the flavorings added always enhance the flavor qualities of the actual tea leaves in the blend.   This tea is a shining example of this, with the delicious sencha being the first thing you notice about this tea.

While there isn’t much of an aroma to this one, the flavor is absolutely outstanding.  It isn’t overpowering, but instead lends a light, crisp citrus flavor on the back of your tongue as you sip this tea.

Two Leaves and a Bud describes this tea as:

East meets West in this Japanese green tea blend which has all the taste of a full leaf green tea. (Good green tea is green, not brown!) We add the flavor of famous Italian red oranges, which adds a tanginess to this Japanese favorite.  Sencha is the most consumed tea in Japan.  It is long leafed tea, finished in the sun. (Other Japanese teas are covered at the end of the growing season.) Our Orange Sencha includes sunflowers, orange peel and just a hint of Italian red orange flavor to add just a hint of sweet & spicy to this classic green tea.

Organic Japanese Green Tea, Organic Orange peel, Organic Sunflower petals, Organic Orange flavor

This is a great green tea for sipping almost any time of day – fantastic for when you are looking for a simple yet medium-bodied green tea for everyday drinking.   Packaged in individual serving packets, with each bag being made of biodegradable cornstarch based nylon, not petroleum based nylon. They are pyramid shaped to allow the whole leaves to circulate and infuse properly, without the mess of brewing loose leaf tea.  The gorgeous see-through sachets allow you to see the quality of the sencha leaves, and the clear individual outer packaging makes these perfect to take with you on-the-go…to work, or whereever else you’d like to take your tea!  A great green tea… anytime, anywhere!

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