Orchid Temple Oolong from Golden Moon Tea

Orchid Temple OolongThe aroma of this tea is quite exotic and enticing:  a beautiful fresh, leafy scent with a lush, lingering floral fragrance, much like walking through a dreamy, blossoming forest filled with orchids.  The beautiful aroma is matched by the fresh, smooth flavor of this high quality Oolong.

This tea is what I refer to as a “green” Oolong.  Oolong Tea leaves are semi-oxidized, falling somewhere between the non-oxidized Green Tea leaf and the fully-oxidized Black Tea leaf.  A greener Oolong is oxidized a shorter period of time and the leaves are typically a deep, vivid green color.

The flavor of this charming green Oolong brings to mind fresh sweet cream.  Not as thick and creamy as sweet cream, of course, but, the velvety texture of sweet cream is not unlike the smooth, rich mouthfeel I experience from this tea.  There is also a delicate sweetness to this tea that is similar to the sweet flavor of cream.  This light-bodied, aromatic tea has absolutely no bitterness nor any astringency, but it does have a lovely, intricate flavor with a deliciously silky floral finish.

Golden Moon Tea describes this tea as:

Harvested in the Wuyi Mountains, our Orchid Temple will take you back to the birthplace of Oolong tea. Powerful and exquisite in its classical roasted aroma. A sweet finish makes each sip a lifetime of complexities. We tightly roll for value – as your flavor will linger richly through several infusions.

This tea is best served hot – as it chills, some of the unique attributes of this tea lose themselves in a more homogeneous flavor.  I think that this tea is best served without additional sweetener – I did try a little bit of agave nectar toward the end of my first cup and I felt that the sweetness overwhelmed the other characteristics of the tea.

On their website, Golden Moon Tea suggests that dark chocolate would be an excellent pairing with this tea, and so I took that advice and grabbed a dark chocolate truffle to devour while sipping it.  Perfection!  After taking a nibble of the truffle, I noticed that some of the more sensuous floral notes were brought to life on my palate, and it truly elevated the flavor of the tea, creating a luxurious, indulgent experience.

Of course, it would be difficult to find any tea (or anything else, for that matter) that wouldn’t be improved with dark chocolate.  So grab yourself some chocolate and a cup of this fabulous tea – you deserve it!

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Jasmine, rose… orchid is my next flower tea to try. And ANY tea that is suggested to be paired w/ dark chocolate has got to be good. Maybe blended w/ an equal part of chocolate or chocolate chai tea?

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