Organic Breakfast from Mighty Leaf

Organic Breakfast from Mighty Leaf

The first time I had Mighty Leaf Tea, I was at a conference at a fancy hotel. They had a nice tea station set up during breakfast and, as usual, I had a cup. With the first sip, I was in love with the tea, and I spent the rest of the morning sneaking up and grabbing another tea bag when the attendant wasn’t looking. I walked out of the conference with about 10 tea bags and a new favorite brand of tea.

Mighty Tea still isn’t available at every supermarket, but the kind I find the most is Organic Breakfast. This is an English Breakfast type Black Tea made with whole leaves. You know you are in for a treat with this tea as soon as you open the packaging. The tea bag is an oversized silk-like bag bursting with tea leaves and stitched up with big stitches along the side. Each tea bag can defiantly be used a number of times as it contains a lot of tea.

Mighty Leaf describes this tea as:

A robust wide-awake blend of premium black tea leaves. Our take on the classic English Breakfast is serene contemplation from dawn to dusk.

I sometimes find black tea a little too sharp in the morning, or a little too strong without adding sugar to it, but not this tea. If you steep it for about 3-4 minutes, it tastes incredibly smooth and is delicious without any added sweeteners. It has a robust scent that smells like a heart English breakfast only slightly sweeter. This is probably my favorite English breakfast tea.

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I'm starting to gain a new appreciation for tea. My mother is absolutely addicted to it. She carries around a thermos of tea where ever she is and always asks for hot water when we go to restaurants so she can make a cup of tea. Now my oldest DD is addicted as well. I've had to make sure I have some form of decaffeinated tea in the house and it doesn't have to be a fruity one. She loves Earl Grey and Constant Comment and green tea. So needless to say I've been sucked into their habit and brew myself a cup, too. Thanks for the tip on this new brand. I'll be looking next time I go to our local specialty shop.

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