Organic Chai Green from Shepherd’s Tea

Organic Chai Green from Shepherd's TeaThis is a very aromatic chai.  I can smell the “usual spices” (that is, the spices one would often find in a chai) such as cinnamon, cardamom and cloves.  I also smell a hint of fennel, allspice and nutmeg, which are three spices that are not always found in chai, but it is certainly a wonderful surprise when I find a chai that does have them.  The cup smells deliciously warm and comforting – and that translates into the flavor as well.

The spices present a strong set of flavors:  warm and spicy, peppery, nutty, and sweet.  The vanilla adds a creamy, sweet element, while the fennel gives the cup a hint of licorice-y flavor.

The Green Tea is not especially strong here; rather, I would describe it as a pleasing balance between green tea and spice, with the flavor of spices edging out the flavor of the green tea just a little.  The spices do not overpower the green tea, instead, I am noticing how the spices are accenting the green tea notes.  Specifically, I notice how the nutmeg seems to enhance the nutty flavor of the green tea.

Shepherd’s Tea describes this chai as:

Our Organic Chai Green Tea consists of eight organic spices and flavors in a delicious and healthful green tea. Included with every tea bag is a Scripture verse on a tag, providing meaningful inspiration to your day. It is our prayer at The Shepherd’s Garden that you will be drawn to the wonderful treasures of God’s Word and will be encouraged through these Scripture verses to read more of this truth-filled, life-giving book.

Whether or not you are interested in having a scripture on your tea bag’s tag or not, this is an enjoyable chai, and you don’t have to read the tag if that’s not your thing.  What IS my thing is good tasting chai, and this certainly fits the bill.  It is not overwhelmingly spicy, in fact, because the vanilla tone it down by smoothing out the spicier notes, I’d categorize this as a fairly mild chai.  It is a good chai for those who find the spicier chai blends out there to be a little too much for them.

A warm, comforting cuppa.


The Tea Guru

You know, in my opinion, Shepherd’s Tea does have some really good teas, it’s unfortunate they force their religious beliefs on others through their tea tags. As a pagan, I drink their teas but pull the tags off lol

Blane Jackson

I love the blends of tea the Shepherd’s garden has. The peppermint is probably the best I’ve ever tasted. My favorite is the Cran orange rooibos. The Chai is very good as well. Look forward to trying new blends in the future.

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