Organic Christmas Tea from Tea District

Tea District Organic Christmas Tea by Tea District

Title: Organic Christmas Tea

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea, cinnamon chips, ginger, orange peel, rose petals, almonds, apples, and peach pieces.

Company: Tea District

Tea Name: Organic Christmas

Tea Type: Black

Steeping Vessel/Amt. Leaf: Cup/ loose leaf

Liquor Color: Reddish amber

Leaf Characteristics: Tea leaves are a medley of very fine straw like leaves with chunks of cinnamon chips, orange peel, almonds, ginger and bits of peaches.


1st Steeping:

Water temperature: 200 Fahrenheit

Time:    5 minutes

I missed having this tea on Christmas day, although I had put it aside but somehow never got to it. Instead I am having it now.  Better later than not at all.

I like the tea’s mixture and heady sweetness coming from the tea packet upon opening it. I scoop it all out and put it in my tea mug and pour over the boiled water. I leave it to steep for a good five minutes.

The teas aroma is fruity and spicy. I can smell the cinnamon and ginger right away, with hints of orange peel and peaches. When I sip the tea it is sweetly piquant from the ginger chunks. Once I get past the obvious flavors of cinnamon and ginger topping with another layer of fruits like the orange peels and peach, I can discern the almond flavoring as well since the tea has that grainy nutty texture from the almond chunks.

In all this is a very rich tea; filled with a lovely medley of different spice and fruit blending nicely to make this a most memorable cup of tea.

2nd Steeping:

Water temperature: 200 Fahrenheit

Time: 5 minutes

I am able to have another good steep of this tea and the results are similar to first cup.

Overall tasting notes observed: This is a fun tea and drinking it is more like having a cup of herbal tea than black tea with the fruits and spice from the ginger and cinnamon bark.

Tea color: reddish amber

Characteristics: flowery aroma with a sweet, ‘piquant’ liquor.

 Tea District describes this tea as-

A beautiful blend of black Chinese tea, cinnamon chips, orange peels, rose petals, blanched almonds, apple, peach and ginger combined together to create a scrumptious Christmas blend. Many of our fans Drink This one year round, however it is most popular during the winter and holiday season.

Overall even though Christmas is now over I feel this tea is still very appropriate for the time of year. A great big hug in a mug and I will certainly be happy to drink more of this!


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Organic Christmas Tea from Tea District: Title: Organic Christmas Tea Ingredients: Organic black tea, cinnamon c…

Ainee Beland

I have enjoyed many of the Tea District Teas; so much so that I did give in to purchasing some teas from them that I have yet to open and taste for a review submittal. I trust in time I will reach for it and review it accordingly.

Thank you for letting me be a reviewer; sort of a dream come true for me.

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