Organic Citrus Ginger Guayusa from Tea District

Tea Name: Organic Citrus Ginger Guayusa

Company: Tea District

Ingredients: Organic Amazon Guayusa, Organic ginger, and Organic orange peel.

Tea Type/Varietal: green/herbal

Region: Amazon

Steeping Vessel/Amt. Leaf:  cup/ loose leaf

Liquor Color: darken brown with orange base

Leaf Characteristics: very bright green leaves, finely cut with bits of ginger and orange peel.



1st Steeping:

Water temperature:  195 Fahrenheit

Time:    4 minutes

I took one teaspoon of this tea and put it in my cup and poured in the boiled water. I then covered it and left it  to steep for several minutes. When I remove the cover from the tea and strain out the tea leaves, I find that the tea’s color is darken brown but when held under the light it is bright orange. The  teas aroma is of ginger and orange peel. When I take a sip of the tea, I taste the ginger which is very strong (piquant/spicy) a bracing note even and the orange peel hovering in the back ground.

2nd Steeping:

Water temperature: 200 Fahrenheit

Time: 3 minutes

Using the same leaves I take freshly cold tap water and put this in my cup and microwave the tea’s mixture in the cup for two minutes with an extra steep without the oven on.

The tea is simply hotter and more of the ginger spiciness is revealed which adds to the warming effect of the ginger and the orange peel. Guayusa botanicals are filled with energy to awaken the senses.

Overall tasting notes observed:

Tea color: darkish brown with an orange base under the light

Characteristics: a sweet herbal aroma mixed with the guayusa botanicals and herbs like ginger and orange peel.

This is a wonderful tea good for when it is especially cold and needing warmth or to aid with ones digestion as ginger has a soothing effect in coating the stomach.

In all, the ginger in this tea is invigorating and adds pungency in the tea’s flavor; in that it has that peppery ‘bite’ to it, while the oils from the orange peel softens the tea’s pungency.

Tea District describes this tea as-

An Amazonian blend of energizing guayusa with loads of orange peel and ginger.

Health Benefits of Drinking Guayusa*:

  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Traditionally used to support weight loss programs
  • Aids digestion1
  • Traditionally used to balance blood sugar and support diabetics2
  • Boosts Physical Energy
  • Increased mental clarity and alertness

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Balanced Energy

Guayusa does contain caffeine – more than other teas but less than coffee. One cup of guayusa offers 90 mg of caffeine. Interestingly, guayusa also contains other stimulants in the same family as caffeine, known as methylxanthine alkaloids. Theophylline is a clarifying and uplifting compound also found in Green Tea. Theobromine is the stimulant found in dark chocolate that offers that pleasant whole body feeling many are familiar with. Theobromine is known to offer a settled and bodily energy. Guayusa’s unique mix of caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine is what gives the balanced energy effect without any jitters, crash, or jolted buzz.

Overall I would describe this tea as a sweet herbal aroma mixed with the guayusa botanicals and herbs like ginger and orange peel.


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Organic Citrus Ginger Guayusa from Tea District: Tea Name: Organic Citrus Ginger Guayusa Company: Tea District I…

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