Organic Fairtrade Tea Bags from Morrisons

WP_000042My Friend came one morning last week for our usual get together and brought me a little something that she had picked up on her weekly shopping trip.

Here we have a box of fairtrade tea bags from the local supermarket. Quite honestly they don’t look anything special but who knows for under £2 has she found me a delicious tea?

I pop my kettle on to boil and open the box, inside I see 2 foil fresh packs with 40 bags in each.

Whilst I wait for the kettle to boil I have a little read of the packaging.

Here is what I find.

Morrisons state-

“For a great cup/mug of tea: Draw some fresh water from the tap, boil it and pour onto a tea bag in a cup/mug. Leave to brew for up to 2 minutes before removing the tea bag. Serve with or without milk and add sugar or honey to taste. Enjoy!

Alternatively, if using a teapot: Warm the teapot first and use one tea bag per person. Pour on the boiling water and leave to brew for 3-4 minutes. Stir the tea gently before pouring. Enjoy!”

My kettle has now boiled so I take my freshly boiled water and pour the hot liquid over my tea bag and in this case I have reached for a mug. I find that straight away the liquid infuses into a golden brown colour similar to the colour of hazelnuts.

Whilst the hot liquid is left to brew for a couple of minutes I notice a very fresh, clean smelling aroma to the tea, very similar to how light Black Teas smell.

After 2 minutes I pour milk into my mug and give the liquid a gentle stir. No sugar for me I don’t feel Tea Needs it.

I take a sip and I am pleasantly surprised by how light and clean tasting this tea is. It is actually one of the only teas I have tasted that is so refreshing.

Whilst I finish the rest of my tea I take a look at the ingredients as I am really keen to know more about this wonderful product.

Under the ingredients it states-

“100% Organically grown Fairtrade certified black tea. Organic standards prohibit the use of genetically modified ingredients and seek to avoid routine use of artificial pesticides and fertilizers. Tea traded in compliance with Fairtrade standards means fairer trading conditions for Fairtrade producers. Visit for more information.”

I am so thrilled that this tea tastes so delicious and that it is Organic and that it is also part of the Fairtrade industry. It is certainly a winner for me. I will most definitely be purchasing this on a regular basis.

Morrisons describe this tea as-

A pure, bright, golden tea with a good balance of strength and flavour

Overall I would say this is the perfect tea for all occasions. Thank you Morrisons!



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Organic Fairtrade Tea Bags from Morrisons: My Friend came one morning last week for our usual get together and b…

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