Organic Genmaicha from Frontier Co-op

Organic Genmaicha from Frontier Co-opFrontier Natural Products Co-op, which specializes in natural and organic products, offers this delicious Genmaicha in both organic and (the significantly cheaper) non-organic 16oz packages.  I only sampled the organic Genmaicha, because I prefer organic to non-organic foods and teas.

Genmaicha is a Japanese tea created with bancha, a low-grade Green Tea (or more accurately, a “common” green tea) which is blended with roasted brown rice to produce a deep and intense flavor that really focuses on the delicious toasted rice.

The particular Bancha used in this Genmaicha is a really wonderful Bancha.  I thoroughly enjoyed its rich grassy and vegetal flavor that is so full-bodied that it blends seamlessly with the toasted brown rice which is the main reason for that delicious buttery toasty flavor on the back  of your tongue when you swallow… it’s incredibly delicious!

Frontier describes this tea as:

A blend of bancha tea and toasted rice, this tea was originally created by Japanese farmers unable to afford regular bancha. It’s a wholesome and delicious tea with a pleasantly sweet toasted aroma and nutty flavor.

One thing I can say about this Genmaicha is that it is very strong!  I found that the tea brewed the best at around 180°F for 3-6 minutes, depending on how strong you like your Genmaicha.  If you’ve never tried Genmaicha before, then you are in for a real treat, but start with about 1 tsp for 3 min and work your way up to your preferred strength!  Best served plain with no sugar or milk.  If you like earthy teas, you will really enjoy this one!

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Warmth of Tea

I have never tried anything like this before. Blending tea with roasted rice is like taking blending to a whole new level. Really look forward to trying this out.

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