Organic Japanese Matcha From Vitalife Matcha

Vitalife Organic Matcha 30g

Good Morning tea-lovers.

Today I am going to review my most favourite brand for Japanese Matcha.

This is Vitalife’s Organic Matcha-Ceremonial Grade.

I have tried the other Matcha’s in their range but when this little number landed in the post I was extremely excited.

I love all elements of Japanese Matcha. I love the fact that it tastes great, is good for you and has numerous health benefits…really I could go on.

If you haven’t tried Vitalife’s Japanese Matcha it is worth noting that the tea is powdered so you are drinking the beverage in its entirety and not wasting any of the green goodness.

Vitalife advise the following for brewing-

 Measure 1g of Vitalife Matcha (1 Quarter of a Teaspoon) and sift into a large mug. Add warm water and whisk until frothy. Store in a cool dry place.

My kettle has now boiled so I take my bamboo scoop and dive into the green powder just taking enough so that the scoop is filled.

I pop the Matcha into my cup and wait a couple of minutes for my freshly brewed water to cool down.

5 minutes later I return to the kettle and pour the hot liquid over the Matcha.

When the hot liquid hits the Matcha I see instantly the water turning green (very similar to the colour of barley grass).

I take my handheld whisk and whisk until frothy.

I take a sip of the tea and I am reminded of the outstanding quality that Vitalife’s Matcha’s have. The tea tastes clean, fresh and very tea-like, this is definitely not bitter like ordinary Green Tea and most certainly doesn’t leave you feeling queezy. This tea leaves you hydrated, alert and ready for the rest of the day. I must say that when I drink 2-3 cups of Matcha per day I feel very focused and in control of cravings and moods (which for a woman can only be a bonus).

I would also like to point out that in the past when I have bought Vitalife’s Matcha I liked it that much that I decided to buy the cooking version and made some absolutely delicious banana, pecan and green tea muffins.

Vitalife describes this tea as-

– 137x antioxidants of standard green tea

– Certified Organic

– High in L-Theanine (the ‘feel good’ amino acid derivative)

– Improved mental focus and awareness

– Metabolism boost (burn fat faster and easier)

– Detoxifying and anti-aging properties

Matcha is a powdered green tea grown in exclusive regions of Japan.

Our certified organic matcha green tea 30g ceremonial grade is perfect for those who demand only the best.

Ceremonial grade matcha, in comparison to lower grades, uses only the smallest, youngest tea leaves on the bush – giving it a distinctly smooth, almost sweet, flavour.

Beginner’s grade, on the other hand, uses more mature leaves from further down the tea bush.

Ceremonial grade is perfect for those who dipped their toe with our beginner’s grade matcha and want to take the next step to an even higher quality cup of matcha green tea.

Overall I have to say that this tea is outstanding and is certainly going to feature in my cupboard for a long long time. Thank you Vitalife.





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Organic Japanese Matcha From Vitalife Matcha: Good Morning tea-lovers. Today I am going to review my most favo…

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