Organic Jasmine Green Tea from Arbor Teas

Organic Jasmine Green Tea from Arbor TeasIf you’re a regular reader, you are probably aware of my fondness for jasmine flavored teas.  This is one of the best that I’ve tasted as of late.  It has such a pleasing jasmine scent and flavor.

The Green Tea is smooth and fresh, with a light-to-medium-body.  It has a pleasant vegetative quality that is a little on the grassy side, but isn’t so grassy that I’m unable to enjoy the tea.  There is a bitter note to this tea that hits the back of the palate about mid-sip and offers a really enjoyable contrast to the sweetness of the tea and the sharpness of the flower. The green tea does have a bit of astringency to it as well that is lightly drying.

Unlike some jasmine teas that I’ve tasted, this one doesn’t taste overly “floral.”  Now, granted, jasmine IS a flower, but this doesn’t taste overly “flowery.”  It has that sharp jasmine taste to it and a light sweetness that is distinctly jasmine.  Perhaps it is the lack of jasmine petals in the tea?  I don’t know.  But there is something that is pleasantly different from some other jasmine teas out there.

Arbor Teas describes this tea as

This organic, Fair Trade Certified Jasmine Green Tea offers an intense jasmine fragrance. This is acquired by picking the jasmine flower late at night when the blossom is in full bloom. The flowers are layered upon the tea leaves to impart their fragrance. By morning, the jasmine fragrance has transferred to the tea leaves and the blossoms are then discarded. This process is carried out on multiple successive evenings to impart the superior flavor and aroma of this specially selected tea.

This tea is delicious hot or iced, and I prefer it with just a little bit of honey – it propels a lovely cup of green tea to a level of comfort that I generally reserve for Black Teas.  I suggest steeping this in a gaiwan, because it is perfect for quick steeps and multiple infusions.

This is an absolutely delightful jasmine tea!  I highly recommend it!

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This tea is one of my favorites in their stock! As if flavorful, sustainable, and organic weren’t enought, they deliver too! Five stars!

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