Organic Sencha from Aiya

Organic Sencha from Aiya

In front of me I have a sachet of Organic Sencha from Aiya. The pack says the tea has a refreshing taste, light aroma and a clear green appearance. Let’s see how this one goes!

I have brought my kettle to the boil and I am now pouring the hot water over the leaves and instantly the water goes a pale green colour, almost the colour of lime cordial.

I leave the tea to brew for a few minutes and whilst I do so I notice the leaves start to unfurl slowly whilst giving off a light aroma.

The aroma does seem light just like Aiya have stated on their packaging. On trying I find the tea suitably refreshing with a very tea-like taste, quite similar to a Black Tea without any milk added to it.

I personally think this tea would be great being enjoyed when you feel a little thirsty and do believe that it would be great as an iced tea as extra refreshment in the Summer months.  I feel the tea is light yet still has a vegetative taste and aroma.

Now the tea has completely cooled I do find this my preference for the way I am feeling now, rather dehydrated from all the cold to heat experiences you go through in the winter time. I personally really prefer this tea cold and find that it delivers better on what is described this way.

This is how Aiya describe this tea:

Organic Sencha is one of the highest in quality in the Japanese internationally certfied organic Sencha category. This grade of Organic Sencha is rare even in the Japanese market. This tea is grown to meet strict organic regulations while maintaining a light refreshing flavor and aroma with a clear green appearance.

Overall I would agree with Aiya regarding the tea having a light refreshing flavour and aroma maintaining a clear green appearance throughout brewing.



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