Organic Tea Flowers from Zen Tara Tea

Organic Tea Flowers

Tea leaves are the most well known part of the tea plant.  Tea stems and stalks are also used in Kukicha tea.  So it’s not very surprising that another part of the tea plant can also be used to brew a tea….the blossoms (flowers) of the tea plant.

The scent of the dried flowers is just a whisper of honey and aged tea…a lovely, earthy scent that is very demure.  And the tea brews up much the same!  While it has a few very subtle floral notes, it has much less of a floral taste than what you would expect with any tea whose main ingredient is blossoms of any kind. What it really tastes like is a tea with lots of sweet & sour notes, like an aged honeyed nectar.

Zen Tara Tea describes this tea as:

The tea plant flowers once a year in the fall, just before the plant produces seeds and goes into winter hibernation. These 100% organic tea flowers are harvested from old growth tea trees indigenous to the Yunnan province in China. The people of this region are among the few tea-growing cultures with a history of tea flower harvesting and processing.

Though not as floral as jasmine or rose blossoms, tea flowers have a delicate aroma with shades of hibiscus and honeydew melon which creates a naturally sweet, smooth infusion. Similar to Pu-Erh Teas, tea flowers age well and develop a richer, fuller taste with the passing of time. In this case, as long as they have been protected from moisture, heat and light; the older the harvested flowers the more intense and nuanced the flavor.

INGREDIENTS: Organic tea flowers from Yunnan, China.

This tea is naturally sweet but I added some sweetener of my own as well since I like sweet teas.  This tea mixes particularly well with sweeteners of any kind, especially Agave Nectar!  Zen Tara Tea is one of my most favorite tea companies, and they produced another winning tea with their organic tea flowers.

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