Green Apple Organic Green Tea from Liber-TEAS

Liber-TEAS Green Apple Flavored Organic Green Tea Blend

Personally, I think this is one tea that every tea-drinker should have in their personal stash.

I was surprised at how crisp and refreshing this tea really was.

Sold by Liber-TEAS, this fantastic green tea blend’s quality can be seen in the fresh, high-quality green tea leaves which form the base of this brew, with lots of large chunks of real dried apple!

Liber-TEAS describes this tea as:

Do you remember Aspen Soda? I used to love that stuff, it was so crisp, refreshing, and light tasting… it felt like it “sparkled” as you drank it. Since the days of Aspen soda, I’ve tasted many Apple sodas, and none quite matched that crisp, sparkling taste of Aspen.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to suggest that my Green Apple tea tastes like Aspen soda… but, the crisp apple flavor of this tea reminds me of the sparkle of that Aspen soda!

100% Organic Green tea leaves from China, flavored with 100%
organic ingredients. Vegan.

Well their claims are completely true….this is one INCREDIBLE tasting tea, which tastes just like biting into a fresh green apple, in this reviewer’s opinion!

Possibly the greatest fruit tea ever, and I’m normally not much of a fan of fruit-based brews. And this tea makes an absolutely fantastic iced tea also! A great summer refresher!

Comes in a bright purple tin which you can purchase “refills” for. Now, although their labels could stand a bit of aesthetic improvement,  it doesn’t stand in the way of this being a really lovely tea.  I give this tea a 5/5 stars for being an all-around winner and must-have tea!

Let’s Split from Tea Noir

Lets Split Yerba Mate Tisane from Tea Noir

One of my favorite teas, and one of the first artisan brews I tried from an Etsy seller! This delicious Yerba Mate blend really is the best yerba mate I’ve tasted!

With luscious banana top notes, and tasty walnuts mixed with a hint of cherry. As Tea Noir says about this tea:

Tea Noir has you covered with this daringly different yerba mate blend – Let’s Split, a sassy confection that combines crisp yerba mate with the natural flavours of banana, walnut, and cherry!

Because of the flavors combined in this infusion, it is a naturally sweet tea that needs less sweetener than you would normally use in your tea, if you use any. This is a rare treat that you won’t find elsewhere…a unique and tasty Yerba Mate experience!

One of the best parts about this tea is it’s re-brewablity. Even as little as one teaspoon can be successfully re-brewed several times before losing any flavor. This makes even a small amount of this blend last a very very long time!

The aroma of this tea is also one of it’s wonderful selling points, with heavy notes of sweet bananas! It’s a very smooth tea that is also extremely refreshing at any time of day. This is also a FANTASTIC blend for children as they love the taste and aroma too, and it’s very light as well as being nutritious!

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