Pai Mu Tan Grapefruit from Upton Tea

Pai Mu Tan Grapefruit from Upton Tea ImportsAs I’ve mentioned before, I am on a quest to find the perfect grapefruit flavored Green Tea.  While on that quest, I often find grapefruit flavored White Teas (in fact, I find more grapefruit flavored white teas than grapefruit flavored green teas).  I usually order these grapefruit white teas, hoping that somehow the white tea will somehow fill that “Perfect Grapefruit” spot if I cannot find the green.

And of the grapefruit flavored white teas that I’ve tasted thus far, this one comes closer than any other white tea has.  In fact, this one is near perfect.

The aroma of the dry leaf is very authentic – it smells like grapefruit.  It doesn’t smell like sweetened grapefruit cocktail or juice, it smells like I just cut into a juicy grapefruit.  The light, fresh scent of the white tea also comes through nicely.

The flavor – oh!  It’s fantastic.  The white tea base is light and refreshing.  It tastes sweet and a little vegetative, but not much.  It has a nice, delicate flavor that I’ve come to expect from a high quality Pai Mu Tan.

The grapefruit essence here is balanced just right with the delicate white tea.  It doesn’t overpower the white tea, and yet, it is strong enough to taste the nuances of the fruit.  There is a pleasant bitter-tart taste that is distinctly grapefruit, and also has just a touch of sweetness to it.

Upton Tea Imports describes this white tea as

A premium Pai Mu Tan white tea, flavored with the taste of grapefruit.

Yes, my search continues to find the perfect grapefruit tea, but, this is pretty close, and will be a good standby until I find the perfect grapefruit tea.  This tea tastes fantastic as a hot tea.  I like it best with just a drop of honey to bring out some of that citrus sweetness without interfering with the grapefruit’s signature tart taste.  And, while this is a delicate tasting tea, it is not so soft that it loses its flavor when iced.  This makes an incredibly refreshing iced tea.

This is definitely one of my favorites from Upton Tea Imports!

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Upton’s website says this tea has been permanently removed from their store. I am SO DISAPPOINTED!!! This is my favorite tea by a long margin. I tried the Upton Pai Mu Tan “Imperial” and it’s not nearly as good.

Anyone know where to get a tea that can replace this awesome Pai Mu Tan grapefruit? My last bag from Upton says it was from Germany.

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