Panda Berry Tea from Republic of Tea


Panda Berry Tea

I found the coolest tea in a random store near my town. I love pandas, so of course I had to buy it. It was even on clearance.

So now I have found a website that carries it.

Panda Berry Tea (50 Tea Bags)

Introducing our tea for children of all ages. Natural Strawberry and Cherry Decaf Tea with a hint of honey. The Republic of Tea will donate 75 cents of the sale of each tin to the Sunny Hills Children’s Garden ( a school for abused and neglected children.

It is very good tea, fruity but not overwhelming. It says it is for children but it is honestly good enough for anyone! The only problem is you cannot reuse the tea bags. I like to do that sometimes because you can get flavor still but this tea all the flavor is released in the first cup.

And, who doesn’t love a cute panda?

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The Tea Reviewer

GREAT review!! This is one tea I’ve actually never tried before, but it sounds quite yummy!!

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