Papaya Ginger from Tea Guys

Papaya GingerI just received my most recent order from Tea Guys this afternoon, and I am absolutely loving this tea!  It is so good!

Not surprisingly, this tea is as beautiful to the eye as it is to the palate.  After all, every single one of Tea Guys “tease” that I’ve tried has this one thing in common – they are positively gorgeous!  High quality tea leaves tossed with large chunks of dried fruit and spices, with a sprinkling of colorful petals for added aesthetic value.  The aroma is also quite captivating.  It’s a bit like a tropical getaway in a teacup – the aroma of exotic fruits and spices excite the olfactory senses and make the mouth water!

This is a blend of both white and Green Teas.  I find that when dealing with White Tea (and green tea), a-bit-lower-than-boiling temperature is needed to allow the flavor of the tea to fully develop while not being so hot that it scorches the tender leaves.   I generally pull the kettle when the water is hot enough to produce a good amount of steam, and tiny little bubbles are rapidly forming at the base, with only an occasional bubble being able to rise to the surface.   In other words, not quite boiling, or even “just under” boiling – just very, very hot.

Now, despite the impression one might get from the name of this tea, this tea has a little more going on than just papaya and ginger.   Sweet pineapple and juicy pomegranate join the papaya in this blend.  The flavor is sweet with just a little tart, fruity, and absolutely tropical. The ginger provides a gentle heat that helps to cut through some of the sweeter notes so that the cup is not too sweet.

This blend also has citrus peel and lemon myrtle, which compliment the fruit flavors in this blend very well.  Rounding out the flavors is anise, which offers a very delicate hint of licorice-like flavor to the cup.  Not enough to dominate the cup, but just enough to add a little interest to make your palate say, “hey, what is that?”  The ingredients also list jasmine.  I’m not sure I can taste the jasmine, but I also cannot say that the tea would taste quite the same without it.

The tea in this blend provides a fresh, vegetative quality to the cup, but it’s soft enough in flavor that it doesn’t mask the other unique and delicious tastes going on in this blend.   Sure, a tea should be about the tea, first and foremost, and I am not trying to suggest that it should be any other way.  What I am saying is that Tea Guys did this blend right.  The tea is a gentle flavor that works in synergy with the flavors rather than competing with them.

Tea Guys describes this blend as

This tropical blend of white and green tea, pineapple, papaya and pomegranate evokes memories of tropical surf, sun and breezes.  Each cupful is a healthy taste of sunshine.  Enjoy warm or iced for a refreshing treat.

Ingredients:  white tea, organic green tea, green tea, organic lemon myrtle, ginger, citrus peel, pineapple, anise, papaya, pomegranate, natural flavors, marigold, jasmine.

I have tried a few teas from Tea Guys now, and I have been really thrilled with each and every tea I’ve tasted thus far.  But I think that this just may be my favorite of their selection.  If you like tropical flavored teas, this one is must try.  The flavor is absolutely amazing.  Yum!

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