Partridgeberry in a Pear Tea from 52Teas

Partridgeberry in a Pear Tea from 52TeasI laughed when I saw the name of this tea.  Shortly thereafter, I found myself singing “On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me:  Partridgeberry in a Pear Tea.”  I even managed to get my youngest daughter to start singing along with me at one point.

On a serious note, I had pretty high expectations for this tea.  I love pear, I love tea, but sometimes these two do not unite very well.  Usually what happens is that the pear flavoring is hard to discern … and all I end up tasting is the tea base and some sort of fruity flavor, but nothing that really resembles pear.  Occasionally, I come across a pear blend that works, but more often than not, the pear flavor just isn’t strong enough for me to get very excited about the tea.

And, even though my expectations were high, 52Teas came through for me.  This is a very delicious blend.  The pear is sweet and I can almost “feel” the pulp of the pear as I sip!  The Green Tea tastes light and buttery.  It has a smooth mouthfeel.  It’s delicious!

As for the partridgeberry… well, I’ve never tasted a partridgeberry before.  So I did a little research on the berry, and here is what I came up with.  Based on what I found on Wikipedia, the partridgeberry is basically flavorless, having just a “faint flavor of wintergreen.”  And, there is a very faint minty-ish flavor in the background.  It is very delicate, and with the first couple of sips I thought that either a) my tastebuds were a little off; or b) somehow mint flavor managed to sneak its way into the blend by accidental absorption.  But based on what I found regarding the partridgeberry, I think what I was actually tasting was its presence in this tea.

52Teas describes this blend as

Yes, okay, I am a very silly man. I just couldn’t resist.

Back when I was planning to create all new blends for the 12 teas of Christmas sampler, I was trying to figure out how to go along with the 12 Days of Christmas song. I figured out this one and some sort of Turtle(R) chocolate treat blend. Three French Hens might have been some kind of French vanilla, but four calling birds completely stumped me.

Well, anyway, here’s our buttery-sweet Chinese sencha blended with wild-harvested Partidgeberry (Mitchella repens), dried pears and natural pear flavors. Silly or not, it is delicious if you like pear.

For the “four calling birds” you should have created a banana blend.  Bananas are shaped like phones, and calling… um… never mind.

Back to this tea – it really is delicious.  I am enjoying it hot at the moment, but I think this will be amazing as an iced tea too.  My recommendation:  buy it because it’s a fun novelty, (novel-tea?)  BUT drink it because it tastes delightful!

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