Passionfruit Oolong from Naivetea

passionfruit oolong Wow! When I opened this packet of tea I was overwhelmed by the fragrance! In fact, I will have to store it separate from my other teas because the fragrance is so strong!

If it hadn’t been passionfruit, I probably would have tucked this away for a while because I don’t like syrupy fruit flavored teas.

But I LOVE passionfruit and I love Oolong Teas – so I opened it right away and brewed a cup! And of course – I was very pleasantly surprised!

What a wonderful tea! Though the fragrance is almost overwhelming before brewing, it is perfectly flavored when brewed! It’s not syrupy – yet the Oolong adds a soft sweet flavor to the tea. I tasted the passionfruit right away, but there is also a pineapple fragrance, a soft taste of plum and the fantastic Oolong flavor!

This is obviously a high quality Oolong – and it brews up light golden.

Here is what Naivetea says about their Passionfruit Oolong:

High altitude oolong infused with passionfruit. Intense passionfruit aroma. Light and smooth body with strong passionfruit flavor. Fragrant finish with long sweet after taste.

I really enjoyed my hot cup of this tea – it brought back lovely tropical memories of my trip to Hawaii where I get anything and everything  passionfruit. But I must admit.. it’s even better as an iced tea! This is the first Oolong I’ve prepared as an iced tea and I love it!

I highly recommend this lovely tea – even if you do need to keep it in it’s own container! And I have several more Oolongs from Naivetea that I look forward to trying and sharing with you!



Sounds absolutely divine.


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