Peace Tea from Mountain Rose Herbs

Peace tea from Mountain Rose Herbs
When you first open the tin of this loose tea, you can tell it is high quality stuff.  Large, full chamomile flowers, bright purple lavender flowers, dark red rose petals and passionflower herbs, and bright green spearmint leaves. (There is also cinnamon bark, but my eyes didn’t pick that out.)

This is a beautiful tea. In fact, I picked up my package from the mail before work, and I couldn’t even wait till I got home to try some. So I put some in a press-and-seal tea bag and brewed it up at work. I found this tea to be so pretty and colorful that I showed off the used and soaking wet teabag to my co-worker!

Mountain Rose Herbs describes this tea as:

Gentle and calming nervine infusion blend; a chance for reflection; an opportunity to imagine a peaceful world. Takes the stress out of life for a while, wonderful for meditation and quiet moments.

Contains:  Organic {en:Chamomile} flowers, organic {en:Spearmint}, organic {en:Passionflower} herb, organic {en:Rose} petals, organic {en:Lavender} flowers and organic {en:Cinnamon} bark.

The calming influence of this tea is obvious when you smell it.  The strongest scents are chamomile and spearmint, which is my favorite bedtime tea combination. While the other herbs have a more subtle smell and taste, the combination is a light flavorful cup of tea that I really enjoy. While it didn’t quite take the stress out of my day, (I was at work while I drank it after all!) it is a delicious herbal blend that I would definitely recommend.

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The Tea Guru

This tea sounds absolutely DELICIOUS!!! wow – I've never tried Mountain Rose Herbs before, and this blend sounds so good. I plan on trying this someday!

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