Peaceful Accord from KTeas

Peaceful Accord from KTeasWhen I try a new tea for the first time, I usually take a sip, and if I like it, I sit down and start composing a review for it right away, while I have the tea hot and in front of me.  The process of writing a review usually takes a couple of hours for me, because I like to experiment with the tea a little bit – infuse the leaves a second time, try the tea without and then with sweetener, try it chilled, try it with milk if I think it might work well… stuff like that.

However, sometimes I come across a tea that is so tasty that I finish drinking my first cup of it before I have a chance to start composing my review!  This is one such tea.

After reading more about this tea, I realize why I like it so well.  It is a blending of two favorites of mine:  First Flush Darjeeling and a high quality Formosa Oolong (Formosa Fancy Superior Oolong) from KTeas.  To be completely honest, I should point out that I haven’t actually tried KTeas Formosa Fancy Superior Oolong, however, I am a big Oolong fan, and the Formosa Oolongs are among those I consider my favorites.

The flavor of this tea is astounding.  The muscatel of the Darjeeling is outstanding amongst the notes of bright floral and fruit with woodsy undertones.   I also detect a faint, honey-like essence.  Also noteworthy is the delightful peach-like qualities of this tea.  There is something really remarkable about how the muscatel of the Darjeeling compliments the peachy characteristics of the Oolong.  It’s so delicious!

This is a light-to-medium-bodied tea that washes over the tongue very pleasantly, with a fair amount of astringency.  The result is a nice, tingly, clean feeling over the palate.

After my first sip of this tea, I chose not to add sweetener – the delicate honey taste to it is very pleasing and there is no need to overwhelm it.  Also – I rarely add milk to my Oolongs or Darjeelings, so I did not do that here.

KTeas describes this tea as

Bring this tea out to share with your tea loving friends, or keep for yourself.

This wonderful combination of two exquisite teas, First Flush Darjeeling and Formosa Fancy Superior Oolong will warm your heart and win you over. A premium blend of the world’s finest teas.

With most Formosa Oolong Teas, I do not detect much of a buttery essence, however, in this blend, I can.  It is not as strong as in a greener Oolong, but it’s there.  Perhaps it is the qualities of the Darjeeling that highlights these underlying characteristics in the Oolong?  I don’t know.

What I do know is that this is one remarkable tea blend, and I want more!  I have tried several teas from KTeas now, and I have quite enjoyed all that I’ve tried, but this one is probably my favorite.



Oh, this sounds wonderful! Two of my favorite teas in one! I really enjoy your writings.


Thank you very much, Marlena, for your kind words. I love writing. It’s become quite a passion of mine. To be able to write about another passion of mine – tea – is nirvana!

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