Peach Ginger Maté from Tea Embassy

Peach Ginger Maté from Tea EmbassyThis tea is more of a pure Maté to me than a flavored tea.  I enjoy drinking Maté to give me that little “kick” that I need when replacing my morning coffee.  This tea has a very light flavor with slight undertones of peach.  The adjective that comes to mind as I sip the tea is “pleasant”.  I enjoy an intensely flavored tea, and although this is very subtle, it is enjoyable.

The dried leaves are small pieces of green leaves that resemble a light-colored parsley blended with little black pieces.  The smell of the tea is rather “woody” with slight scent of sweet peach.

I steeped the tea at 180°F for 4 minutes.  I used 1 tsp of tea to 8 oz of water and added ½ tsp of German Rock Sugar.  The color of the steeped tea is a creamy caramel color.  I am underwhelmed with the peach/ginger flavor of the tea, but it is a nice morning cup.  I may try it without sweetener next time, just to see if the flavors shine through more.

Tea Embassy describes this tea as:

Forest Grown Wild Harvest Yerba Maté from Paraguay, flavored with peach and ginger.

Although this may not be a tea that is a must have staple in my tea collection, I will finish my bag or maybe I will pass it along for someone else to enjoy.  Ultimately, I would recommend this tea to those tea drinkers that like a mild tea but enjoy a good cup of Maté.



Mate has no accent one the “e”. Just an fyi.

The Tea Guru

Actually it can be spelled both ways, with or without the accent – see – and by the way, “on” doesn’t have an “e” on the end either…fyi – lol

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