Peony White Tea from Prince of Peace

Peony White Tea from Prince of Peace It’s funny – the things you find out as an adult – from your parents – that you never took the time to ask or find out until later in life.

My mother told me a few months ago that her father used to have a “Peony Farm”.  Yup!  He grew Peonies.  I never knew that.  Then again, I never knew her father, he passed away before I was even born.  I wish I had been able to because he sounded like a neat guy.  My mother reminisces of him often.

So, when I saw this tea at my local herb shop I decided to buy it.  At the time of purchase I hadn’t had many encounters with Peony Tea (and have since then from other companies).

There really isn’t too much to say about this bagged wonder.  I like it.  There’s not much to it really, but it’s pleasant.  It’s flowery and peaceful.

Prince of Peace describes this tea as:

For centuries Bai Mu Dan tea (also known as Peony White) was an extremely rare tea once reserved for Chinese royalty. Prince of Peace Organic Peony White Tea, considered one of the premium grades of white tea, is made of young leaves and buds from the Camellia Sinensis plant, hand picked during the fresh spring harvest in China’s Fujian province. The white, silver-ish leaves give Peony White tea its name.

With minimal processing, Prince of Peace Organic Peony White tea’s antioxidant property is significantly more than Green Tea. There is also considerably less caffeine in white tea (15-20mg per serving, compared to green tea at 20-30mg, Black Tea at 50-80mg and coffee at 100-200mg).

One thing I have noticed is that this tea seems to be a nice break to a busy, crazy, or stressful day.  Maybe it’s the name…maybe it’s the tea, itself…or maybe it’s just what my body was craving at that time.  Tea is a funny thing.  Let your body, mind, heart, and soul have a conversation with your tea…you just might learn something.

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I read your description of White Peony Tea and was wondering if you know what Tea farm it is grown at. I have read somewhere in China but is this true for all Prince of Peace Teas. They are an importing business from Hayward California. Your response would be helpful.

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