Peppermint Chai Concentrate from Oregon Chai

Peppermint Original Chai Tea from Oregon Chai
I dare say that this might be my all-time ever favorite iced Chai Tea.  This is the most refreshing, minty, invigorating iced chai tea I’ve ever tasted.  Now I say iced chai, but there are directions on the box to make this into a hot tea.  I think this tea is much preferable iced though.

This tea manages to keep a sweet spicy chai balanced perfectly with the cool, icy peppermint.  This tea is meant to be made as a latté, that is with milk or a milk substitute.  Vanilla soy milk is particularly nice with this concentrated mix.  Since it’s pre-mixed and in a liquid concentrate, it’s the most incredibly convenient chai you’ll find.  Just mix equal parts of milk and this concentrate, over your ideal amount of ice, and you have yourself one of the BEST iced chai lattés you’ve ever tasted!

Oregon Chai describes this tea as:

America’s hottest chai just got a little cooler. Enjoy the cool taste of peppermint with the classic flavor of Oregon Chai Original.

Just add milk or dairy substitute to Oregon Chai Peppermint Original Tea Latte Concentrate. Enjoy at home or on the go, hot or cold, depending on your mood.

Ingredients:  Water, organic evaporated cane juice, organic Black Tea, organic peppermint, *organic vanilla, *organic spices, organic honey, citric acid, and natural flavors. (*Extracts).

Because Oregon Chai uses ALL NATURAL, high-quality, nearly completely organic ingredients, you can be assured that this is a very high grade chai.  In the summer, this tea is an absolute must-have in your refrigerator. I don’t think I’ve ever met a more exhilarating iced chai tea! Peppermint perfection!

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