Peppermint from Lipton Tea

Peppermint from Lipton Herbals

I am a big fan of peppermint tea. My favorite being my own fresh or dried peppermint leaves of course, but drinking my own isn’t always possible. That’s why I checked out Lipton Herbal Peppermint. What drew me was the list of ingredients, or should I say ingredient as there is only one:  peppermint.  Peppermint is an incredibly healthy tea and is good for almost every part of your body.  It aids digestion, relieves a cold, and it can either calm you down before sleep, or wake you up first thing in the morning.

Lipton describes this tea as:

Whether you have a taste for something soothing or are looking for a caffeine-free tea that will keep you going, the LIPTON Herbal Tea Collection is sure to satisfy.

This tea is a good, cheap peppermint tea option. The peppermint is ground quite finely, and you can tell that it is not the freshest leaves, but the tea bag is quite full, and it brews up a decent cup pretty quickly. While I wouldn’t recommend this if it is your first cup of mint tea ever, I would recommend it if, like me, you need a quick, cheap, peppermint tea fix.

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