Perfect Paper Tea Filters from Teavana

Perfect Paper Tea FiltersSometimes you just want to bag up that fresh tea and take it to work, and not haul your tea maker or pot. So when I was at the Teavana store I decided to pick up a box of these! I am glad I did because now I do not have to worry about how to make my loose tea at work!

Teavana describes these as:

These paper tea filters are perfect for creating tea bags from loose leaf teas. This size makes normal tea bags for a cup of tea. Includes 100 tea bags made with abaca pulp (a strong fiber procured from the stalk of a specific banana tree), cellulose, and sealing fibers. They are bleached with oxygen and are biodegradable.

We make sure that they are designed as purely as possible so that the taste of your tea is not affected by the bags. This is the only way we recommend tea bags!

These are really easy to use, just scoop in you normal amount of whole leaves and then steep for the recommended time. For around five dollars you get a 100 of these cool filters and that is a 100+ cups of goodness!


The Tea Guru

Wow, I wish there was a Teavana near me…or any tea shop for that matter. *sigh* that's the downside of living out in the rural areas of Missouri

Createathought is my friend when I cannot drive an hour and a half, free shipping on over fifty I think, not hard to do

for some reason I cannot log in now sheee

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