Perry the Platypus from Adagio Teas

Perry the Platypus from Adagio TeasThis is another very tasty blend from Adagio customer and custom blender, Rachana C.

This is a blend of three Adagio TeasThai Chai, Cream and Vanilla Green.   The blending of green and Black Teas can lead to a little confusion on just how to best steep the tea.  For the water temperature, I generally choose to brew according to the steeping parameters of the tea with the lowest temperature requirements – in this case, the Vanilla Green.  I usually brew the tea for 3 – 4 minutes, because with a lower temperature, the teas won’t get bitter so quickly so it’s usually a pretty safe choice.

Brewing it using these steeping parameters made for a delicious cup of tea!  This tea has just a hint of spice with a rich, creamy overtone.  It’s kind of like eating spice cookies under the covers!  Warm, cozy, sweet, and just the right amount of spices to keep it interesting – along with a hint of lemon that resides in the background and hits the palate with a sweet-tart surprise in the finish.

Adagio Teas/Rachana C. describes this blend as

I have created this tea with the spicy and exotic Thai Chai since Perry himself is unique and exotic, cream since he is calm at all times, the pressures of crime fighting never gets him down, and finally vanilla green to tie things together but mostly because Perry is Green himself. I hope you enjoy this fun little blend. Enjoy!

Inspired by my 3 year old daughter I have created this unique blend that I feel best represents her favorite character from the Disney Cartoon Phineas and Ferb. For those who do not know Perry is an undercover secret agent who lives with a family that has no idea what he does.

Blend of thai chai, cream and vanilla green.

Rachana Carter blend

This IS a fun blend, and quite tasty too.  It has it’s own sweet and creamy notes so I didn’t find it necessary to serve as I usually would serve a chai (with milk and honey), but I did add a tiny drizzle of agave nectar to highlight some of the spicy undertones.  It was quite good without the agave, but, I really like it better with just a little bit of sweetener.  It makes this warm and comforting, which is just perfect for a day like today – cold, dreary and wet.

Despite the unusual name – this blend is really delicious!

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