Peruvian Spiced Berry From Inca Tea

Peruvian Spiced Berry From Inca TeaI’ve had various teas from Inca Tea‘s range before, so I was particularly looking forward to reviewing their Peruvian Spiced Berry Tea.

Until now my favourite of theirs had been their Tawantin Black Tea, because it was a way for me to enjoy a high quality black tea the old fashioned way (with a splash of milk!) but still receive the added health benefits of the purple corn being in this blend.

So their Peruvian Spiced Berry had a reputation to live up to!

Firstly, I absolutely love Inca Tea’s packaging – it’s one of the most innovative, well-thought-out pieces of tea packaging I’ve ever come across (and I’ve seen a lot!). You simply lift the cardboard mountain sleeve to reveal a tear strip on the inner cardboard box. Tear this off, and you can dispense individually-packed bags each time you fancy a brew. Genius!

Their thoughtfulness regarding packaging goes even further than this however, with biodegradable, silk-like bags and soy-based inks being used on their post-consumer recycled boxes. Great design, great ethics, and great ingenuity. I’m impressed with this brand before I’ve even tasted their blend.

Upon opening one of the sealed pouches this blend release a punchy, clove-laden aroma that is reminiscent of a good mulled wine – in fact, I can imagine this to be a good non-alcoholic alternative during the Festive season.

Equally though, it’s a fantastic Summer brew.

When the water hits the bag, an instant purple hue appears – probably from the purple corn, releasing its powerful antioxidant properties. This purple colour only gets stronger and deeper as the tea brews, developing into a deep purple/red with input from the berries in this blend.

The first sip is delightful, deep berry notes without the tartness you often get in berry-based teas, and an aftertaste of clove and cinnamon. Hibiscus in this blend lifts the whole flavour and ties together the richness of the berries, the freshness of the fruit, and the spices, giving it real flavour synergy.

Here’s what Inca Tea themselves say about this tea:

This is Inca Tea’s original blend to characterize the true ancient Incan recipe. This is the same tea that Inca Tea Founder and “TeaEO” Ryan Florio came across during his hike in Peru. It’s is an enlivening herbal, fruit tea blend of purple corn, berries and spices.

Aside from the flavour this tea delivers, its great to know that you’re drinking something exceptionally healthy too! I will definitely be adding this blend to one of my favourite teas from Inca Tea.

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Barbara Balas

I love the Mango and Peach, it took me a little longer than Ryan to start feeling the results. In fact it was after I ran out of tea and was out of town, a few days later I began aching and couldn’t understand why, than it hit me, its the tea and it works! Can’t wait to get my blood work done in a few months to see how the tea has changed that

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