Phoenix Mountain Oolong from Peet’s Tea

phoenix-mountain-oolong I was slowly being converted into a lover of Oolong… but this one did it! I am totally in love with this Oolong Tea!!!

It starts out with huge black leaves and has a nice, but generic Oolong scent.

As it was brewing, I took several sniffs – and it smelled quite earthy. It’s suggested to brew for 3-5 min and I think I brewed it somewhere between 3-4 min.

When I opened the lid, the long skinny full black leaves and opened into full olive green leaves and it still smelled quite earthy.

I poured it out and it was a lovely dark golden color.

I took my first sip and thought I was in heaven!  It had lovely gently fruity undertones – kind of like eating a peach right off the tree (skin and all).  It was a bit earthy, but earthy in the sense of standing in an orchard – smelling the wood and leaves and the aftertaste of fresh fruit with that touch of earthy/bitter skin a fresh peach has.

At the end of my cup, because I did want to see how milk affected the taste, I added a touch of whole milk. It didn’t ruin or even change the flavor at all- except to add a bit of creaminess to that earthy, fruity Oolong flavor.

Here’s what Peet’s says about Phoenix Mountain Oolong (aka Dan Cong Oolong):

Long, jet-black leaves that yield a sweet, rich and pungent flavor with hints of apricot and roasted grains.

Phoenix (Fenghuang) Mountain is located near the coast in China’s Guangdong province. For several hundred years, small farmers have grown a unique strain of the tea bush here, notable for its thick central trunk. The freshly picked leaves are hand-processed in small batches by skilled workers, who labor through the night alternately rolling the leaves, then allowing them to rest. Afterward, the leaves are baked four to five separate times over coals until completely dried. The long, jet-black leaves turn olive green after steeping, and yield a strong, natural flavor with hints of apricot, plum and roasted grains.

Though I didn’t detect the “roasted grain” – maybe that is what I am calling earthy (that orchard taste).Don’t get me wrong… this is a true pure Oolong. It’s not flavored with any fruit oils, etc. but the fruit undertones are a natural flavor connected with this lovely Oolong tea!

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It is amazing, isn’t it?
You have got to try the other two oolongs from Peet’s: Ti Kwan Yin, and my personal favorite, Golden Dragon Oolong…absolutely delicious.

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