Pineapple Strawberry from Hawaiian Natural Tea

Pineapple Strawberry

Most green and White Teas come from China.  Sure, there are other locations that grow teas, but the majority of the green and white teas produced globally are Chinese.  So, I was eager to try this sample of Hawaiian Natural Tea’s Pineapple Strawberry tea, which is a blend of green and white teas from Hawaii, as it would be the first Hawaiian tea I’ve tried.

The fruit scent of this tea is very subtle, which was surprising for me, as most fruit flavored teas tend to be very fragrant, sometimes overwhelmingly so.  Once brewed, the aroma develops slightly but still remains quite elusive.

The Green Tea is the most prominent characteristic of this blend; while the strawberry flavor of this tea is the most pronounced of the two fruits, although it does not crush the softer pineapple essence.  However, the same cannot be said for the white tea; the softer flavor of the white tea seemed to be lost amongst the stronger flavors of the blend.  The green tea is earthy, with that familiar green tea sweetness, but its notes are not overwhelmingly grassy.

The pineapple flavor becomes a bit stronger as you continue to Drink The tea.  In the first couple of sips, it is more of a backdrop, but as I continue to drink the tea, I can recognize more of the sweet pineapple, which is very complimentary to the slightly tangy strawberry.  The strawberry lingers very nicely on the palate.

Hawaiian Natural Tea describes this tea as

Soothing and sumptuous, a low caffeine blend of green and white tea.

Since it’s quite chilly today, I chose to drink this tea hot, but I suspect it’s even better iced.  I did add some raw sugar to the cup, which brought some definition to the overall profile of the tea, and even enhanced some of the more obscure tones of the white tea.

For my first time trying Hawaiian tea, I would say that it was quite a pleasant experience, and I am intrigued to try more!  I would recommend this tea to someone who might be a bit hesitant to try green teas as it is not grassy and has a very low astringency, with absolutely no bitterness.   A very enjoyable tea!



Hey I am used to drink tea 4 times in a day! I was not using any branded tea. Even you can say that I am not branded conscious but after reading your blog, I wanted to try this tea. And finally I bought this tea. I must say that It’s taste is too good than any other tea. and this is healthy also! Thanks for sharing such a nice tea experience!

Stacey Riska

This is a light flavorful tea. Working on herbal teas right now — especially since the weather is horrid where I’m at.

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