Pink Rose and Green Tea from The Loose Leaf

Pink Rose & Green Tea from The Loose LeafThe Loose Leaf is a sole proprietorship tea company with a tea mistress who is a Master Herbalist with over 3 years of experience with blending herbs into Herbal Infusions such as this one.  This lovely pink rose and Green Tea blend is said to be helpful for female health issues, as well as other health issues outlined in their description below.

Upon receiving the tea, the first thing which made a distinct impression on me was the packaging.  The packaging of these teas are exceptional – above standards for most well-known tea companies! The tea tins are metal and reusable, as well as having a double-seal inner lid to protect freshness.  The outside label was attractive and complementary to my kitchen.

The quality of the tea and rose petals are apparent when examining the dried blend.  The tea appears to be Kukicha style, which is the sticks and stems of the green tea plant which are roasted for a smokier flavor.  The rose petals are abundant and fragrant, lending a feminine quality to this tea that is soothing and relaxing.

The Loose Leaf describes this tea as:

This organic Pink rose and Green tea blend has a fresh, mild aroma and awakening flavor.

This is what Pink rose and Green tea can do for you:

* Relieve Menstrual pain
* Help irregular periods
* Cleanse the liver, kidney and gallbladder
* Re-establish friendly bacteria
* Relieve insomnia, fatigue, and depression
* Full of powerful antioxidants

We also recommend this aromatic blend in the bath tub, for relaxing and soothing the skin, just double the amount on label in running bath water.

*Pink rose and Green tea comes in an airtight, container, holding 1.71 net ounces of tea. Also includes 1 re-usable tea bag. 1 serving of tea can be steeped twice.

Their slogan is “Tea with a Purpose”, and indeed, this tea is a tea with a purpose.  Not only does it taste softly feminine and delicious, but it also has plenty of purported health benefits!  This tea tastes lovely with a small bit of sugar, or plain without any sweetener… just don’t add milk as it will easily overwhelm this beautiful bouquet!

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Jason Witt

I love these reviews with some health benefits of herbal blends, especially when they also contain true tea which is the King (or perhaps Queen in this case) of healthy herbs. Kukicha is known for having its own good balancing properties and that’s probably why it was included in this tea. It’s an alkalizing tea that decreases the acidic imbalance in the body due to a typical Western lifestyle.

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