Pirate Tea from Design A Tea

Pirate Tea by Design A TeaPineapple Chai??? I’ve had my fair share of odd flavored teas, but this is the first time I’ve heard of a pineapple chai.  At first I questioned the theory, wondering how pineapple and spices would mix.  And these weren’t wimpy spices…pineapple and cinnamon wouldn’t be an entirely oddball combination, but cloves? Cardamom?  BLACK PEPPER?  These were serious spices.  Chai spices indeed but strong ones.  Then my mind floats back to the “pineapple” part.

Indeed my first dilemma with this tea was: to milk or not to milk, that is the question!  There were no instructions on the package as to whether to use milk or creamer, not that I expected there to be, but I was powerfully stumped on this one.  To me, Chai Tea simply is NOT chai tea without milk.  I mean, I will not, can not, and have never drank a chai tea without milk.

But pineapple screams “NO MILK” very loudly at me.  And then even though there is a lovely Ceylon Black Tea base, the roasted maté actually stands out quite nicely and perfectly complements the authentic pineapple flavor, and I usually never drink milk with maté.  So obviously I was very conflicted about the entire milk dilemma!

In the end, I settled on “a very tiny, minuscule dash of milk”, less than I would normally use in a chai tea, but enough that it is noticeable.  And I’m glad that I went with this choice of preparation, because when I tasted it, somewhat miraculously the flavors all balanced out quite nicely and it was quite a lovely and unique cup of tea!

Design A Tea describes this tea as:

Pineapple Maté Chai.  Ingredients:  Koslanda – Dimbulla (sic) blend (Sri Lanka), Roasted Yerba Maté, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, cloves, natural vanilla and pineapple flavoring.

Pineapple is not a flavor often used in teas, which makes it a novelty flavor to me really, something new and unique to enjoy!  This tea uses the flavor perfectly, and the use of Yerba Maté to bring the spices together with the pineapple is absolutely brilliant!  If you prefer an iced chai on a hot summer day, this makes an incredibly refreshing and tropical iced chai tea.



I have tried this tea too – without milk – and enjoyed it quite a bit. Certainly unusual but very tasty!


Absolutely love the pirate tea pot. I never heard of pineapple tea but look forward to tasting it.

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