Pirate’s Chai from Pirate’s Chai

Pirate's ChaiI really love this chai!  In fact, I love it so much that I recently requested a sample from Pirate’s Chai so that I can bring it in to my favorite local coffee and tea shop … hopefully they will like it too and start serving it!  I’d love to have a local source for this tasty cup of bliss!

This chai is so deliciously different.  Instead of the traditionally familiar base of Black Tea, this Chai Tea uses Matcha, a finely ground to a powder Japanese Green Tea that is often used in tea ceremonies.   The union of Matcha and chai spice is unbelievably delightful!  The spice is robust with a peppery bite to it which I really enjoy.

Pirate’s Chai describes this chai tea as

DISTINCTIVE TASTE! True gourmet chai keeps customers coming back to YOU and NOT the national franchises.

Mat’cha Ceremonial tea : catechins 100% antioxidant delivery-
free radical scavenger of highest order.

Easily prepared 1 cup at a time

Less sweet-More spice.

Matcha teas can sometimes be a bit bitter and very often grassy in flavor.  However, I detected no hint of bitterness here, and only a very slight grassy note to this blend.  This mix does create a rather thick tea, similar to the thickness of Koicha (which is a thicker, somewhat sweeter Matcha).  But then, most chai lattes are thick.

Something else that chai latte tea mixes often are is overly sweet.  Far too often, too much sugar is added to the mix.  Here, though, there is a delightful balance of flavors, and just as the above description suggests, there is more spice and less sweet.  The muscovado sugar adds a deep, maple-like flavor to the tea, and I think it really accents the spices beautifully without overwhelming the palate with syrupy sweetness.

If you like a spicy chai that is not too sickeningly sweet, this is definitely something you should try.  But I must warn you, this stuff is addicting!

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