Pomegranate Green Tea from Goddess Naturals

Pomegranate Green Tea

When I was young, I remember one of my neighbors had a {en:pomegranate} tree, and we would indulge in one of these luscious fruits regularly. Tucked away inside the smooth, red skin were hundreds of plump arils filled with juice – sweet, with just a hint of tartness, and oh-so-delicious. Today, I don’t live next door to a pomegranate tree, and with the high prices on these coveted fruits in the grocery store, I find myself indulging much less often.

Which is why, I suppose, I find myself quite excited when I find a new tea that showcases the flavor of a pomegranate. Sure, no tea will replicate exactly the bright, juicy sweetness of a pomegranate (because, well, it’s a tea, and not a fruit!) but, even just a hint of pomegranate flavor is sure to please. As a tea enthusiast, I have sampled quite a few pomegranate flavored teas, and in that quest, I have found a couple of keepers.

The Pomegranate Green Tea from Goddess Naturals is an example. Hints of sweetness are complimented with a more pronounced tartness, which marries nicely with the smooth yet earthy qualities of the Sencha green tea. Also in the blend is a sprinkling of rose petals, which does not add a prominent flavor to the tea, but, I do think it helps make the fruit’s tartness a bit more pronounced.

Goddess Naturals describes this tea as:

Pomegranate Green Tea: China {en:Sencha}, Rose Petals, pomegranate…This tea has a sweet berry pomegranate flavor over smooth mellow green sencha.

This tea comes in tea bags, and if I needed to find one fault with this tea, it would be concerning the tea bags, which are filled pretty full, leaving very little empty space in the tea bag for expansion of the tea leaves during the steeping process, which inhibits the development of flavors in the final brew.  To offset this, I suggest cutting open the tea bag, and using the tea leaves loose, which allowed the full flavor to develop.

Another recommendation, as with all flavored teas, a touch of sweetener (I use Agave Nectar) will help accentuate the tea’s more subtle flavors.

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The Tea Guru

Mmmm that really does sound great!! I love pomegranate also, and this tea sure sounds fabulous!

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