Pomegranate Green Tea from Layla

Pomegranate Green Tea

It seems like I’ve been reviewing a lot of Green Teas with some sort of {en:Pomegranate} flavor to it recently, and this fruity pomegranate {en:sencha} from Layla’s Etsy Store | Blog‘s Flowering Tree Botanicals is an excellent example of a fantastic pomegranate green tea.

Layla describes this tea as:

Sweet berry pomegranate flavor over smooth mellow green sencha cup.  Ingredients:  China {en:Sencha} Green Tea, Rose Petals, Pomegranate flavoring.

This tea smells heavenly.  It smells so incredibly fruity and lush.  The taste is a little weaker than the aroma, but it still has lovely pomegranate overtones along with the sencha and it’s pleasant sharpness and fresh qualities.   This is a very “crisp” tea with a light, refreshing taste.  The rose petals add a lovely touch to the appearance of the tea itself, making it beautiful to display as well as drink!

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MMMM pomegranate is yummy

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