Pomegranate Honeybush from Zoomdweebies

Pomegranate Honeybush from ZoomdweebiesThe pomegranate is one of my favorite fruits.  Fortunately for my palate (and unfortunately for my pocketbook) there are a lot of pomegranate teas out there, and it seems like new ones are continually being introduced!

But I do believe this is the first pomegranate flavored honeybush I’ve seen, and it’s certainly the first one that I’ve tasted.  And… it’s remarkable!  This may very well be my favorite pomegranate flavored tea that I’ve tasted yet!  The pomegranate flavor is so intense, it’s as if I just popped a juicy pomegranate aril in my mouth!

Because the honeybush is naturally mild with a honey-like sweetness, it provides the perfect base for the pleasantly tart, fruity flavor of the pomegranate.  Together, these two flavors create a very well balanced taste that is sweet, but not sickeningly sweet, and it has a very subtle tingle of tart that hits the palate in the finish.  There is also a slight earthy, nutty flavor that lingers in the background of this tisane that offers interest to the cup. Overall, a very delicious cup of tea that is caffeine-free, so it can be enjoyed any time of day or night.

52Teas/52Teas describes this honeybush blend as

Our Pomegranate teas have always been crowd pleasers. We have done Black Tea, Green Tea, and White Tea with pomegranate, and each has been very well received.

I’ve been going a little bit honeybush crazy lately because I just recently started creating blends with honeybush, and it is fabulous stuff to work with. Our Pina Colada Honeybush remains one of my ALL TIME favorite blends. Please do forgive me if I’ve been a bit overzealous about the honeybush, I promise to take a break from it next week, but I was dying to see how a pomegranate honeybush blend would come out, and guess what? It came out FABULOUS!

Our pomegranate blends are so popular, I think, because we are the only blender (that I know of anyway) that uses real freeze dried pomegranate arils and all natural flavoring in our pomegranate blends.

I’m sure if you really want this as a hot tea, it would be great that way, but I think this one is going to blow your socks off as an iced tea. Make up an icy pitcher for your friends and family and there’s no way this blend will fail to impress.

This tea is fabulous served hot, but, like the description suggests, it is even better iced.  Unlike most teas, the flavor of this blend seems to intensify as it cools!  It makes for a very refreshing beverage – one that has inspired me to save the rest of this tea for the summertime.

If you are a fan of pomegranate, you really MUST try this tea … but you better hurry!  This tea was introduced as the tea of the week for August 17, 2009, and as I write this review, there are only 3 pouches left!  Get yours while the getting is good!

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