Pomegranate White Tea from Trader Joe’s

Pomegranate White TeaI admit that I often judge a tea by its price tag.  It’s unfortunate, but true.   All too often, I’ve had the old adage of “you get what you pay for” proven when it comes to tea; and all too often, cheap tea has tasted… well… cheap.  That’s not to say that tea should not be affordable, but there is a fine line between affordable and cheap, and generally, I prefer the taste of affordable tea over the taste of cheap tea, and am willing to fork out a couple of extra dollars for drinkability.   So to say that I was surprised at the price tag of this tea from Trader Joe’s would be an understatement!

I had tried this tea prior to purchasing – a friend of mine had sent me a tea bag about a year ago, and I quite enjoyed it;  in fact, it was one of the better pomegranate teas I have tasted.  So when I went shopping at Trader Joe’s recently and looked through their tea selection, how surprised I was to find that this box of tea was only $2.99!  Most White Teas prices are elevated, so it’s a shocking moment to find that this white tea was under $5.00.

Trader Joe’s describes this tea as:

A Tea that takes abundant antioxidants to a whole new level – white tea with pomegranate.  This tea is a delicate balance of rare white tea with the wonderful tart fruitiness of pomegranate.  White tea is similar to Green Tea in that it has undergone very little processing and no fermentation, preserving the antioxidant benefits.  Some say white tea has even more antioxidant benefits than green tea.  This variety has a light, sweet and delicate taste which pairs well with the sweet-tart taste of pomegranate.  White tea has the least caffeine content compared to other tea varieties.  Steep teabag in water below the boiling point.

The flavor of the tea itself in this blend is indeed sweet and light – very delicate.  However, it is discernible amid the other flavors in the blend.  The pomegranate flavor is also nice, not too tart, with a pleasing sweetness, and is contrasted well with the addition of lemongrass and hibiscus, which adds additional layers of tartness, but not so much that it is overwhelmingly sour.   In fact, I think that these additions help play to the characteristics of the pomegranate, which I have found tends to be either very understated, or completely overstated in most pomegranate flavored teas.

The tea brews to a very pleasing, clear pink color – it would be nice to serve at a little girl’s tea party!  (And, my youngest daughter – age 7 at the time of this writing – loves it!)  This tea also makes a wonderful and refreshing iced tea!   I recommend sweetening the tea just enough to bring out some of the naturally delightful flavors of this tea, bringing a lovely contrast between the tart and sweet.

So, if you’ve been avoiding white teas because of the cost, here is one tea that you can enjoy without tea shopper’s remorse!



Great review – I also have tried this tea and thought it was delicious. Pomegranate iced tea is one of my favorite drinks. Republic of Tea also makes a pomegranate green tea that is great for this purpose.


I agree. Not only it is really good for you, but it’s delicious too!


I have this white by trader joes very good, and I have been drinking this tea for two years, and I love it. I like it better then most green teas. I also like to make ice tea out of it. I recommend this tea to anyone.


My Trader Joe’s had none of this tea when I shopped there two days ago…and no conspicuous empty spot for it. Things were too busy to ask anyone and I was almost afraid to find out if it was possibly discontinued! I have been drinking this tea iced exclusively and obsessively for at least three years. Has anyone else heard of its demise???

The Tea Guru

Hi Joyce,

If you follow the ‘available from’ link on this post, and search for ‘pomegranate white tea’ on the following page, you’ll find some listed for sale here.

Not sure if they have actually discontinued the item or not, but you may want to stock-up just in-case.

Hope this helps!



I currently fighting the flu and no joke this made my runny nose sinus headache go away ! In just a few hours I was working graveyard and decided to drink some since I am a tea addict and hadn’t touched it in a while …. It worked miracles and now my baby is sick ughh so I will try giving her a tad bit and see if it helps her .

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