Posh Earl Grey from LuLin Teas

posh_earl_grey_380x380Good Morning tea-lovers!

Today I am going to review this delightful looking tea from LuLin Teas.

Here we have their Posh Earl Grey Blend and I must say I think it looks rather special.

This tea is a blend of English Earl Grey with the addition of bright blue corn flowers and as they say “zesty orange flowers to create a wonderful posh earl grey blend”.

I think you will agree that the colours look beautiful.

On my instructions given for brewing they state that I need to add 3g of tea to a tea pot and steep with boiling water. I am told to let the tea infuse for 3-5 minutes according to my taste and that the tea can be re-steeped.

I prepare my kettle to boil and take my tea pot out of the cupboard. I then place the recommended amount into the tea pot and wait for the kettle to boil.

I feel excitement building as I haven’t yet tried a light tea that has flowers in it.

I pour my water into my tea pot and let everything infuse until I feel that I cant wait any longer!

5 minutes have now passed and I am very eager to try this blend.

Upon tasting I can smell a lovely orange/bergamot aroma which smells refreshing (not too perfumed like some teas can be).

I take a sip and well what can I say apart from wow!

This tea is something of  delight, its fresh, light and very tea-like (I’m sure you will know what I mean by this).

The taste of orange and bergamot come through lovely and leave me feeling refreshed and calm. I must say I feel this tea would be lovely mid morning as a treat and I feel it would be perfect for afternoon tea with some light food shared with friends.

LuLin Teas describe this tea as-

We’ve taken a Sri Lankan Black Tea, LuLin Teas Single Estate Keemun black tea, bergamot oil, orange flowers & cornflowers and created an Earl Grey fit for Earl Grey himself (2nd Earl Grey, a British Prime Minister received a gift of Black tea flavoured with Bergamot Oil in 1803 and we haven’t looked back since). When you first Drink This tea you are present with the aromatic aroma of the bergamot, then the full flavour of the fragrant black teas, and third the zesty orange notes come through. It lingers on the palate with a combination of all of the favours. Only available in refill pouches at this time.

Overall I personally would give this tea 10 out of 10 for freshness, taste and aroma. A delicate tea suitable for anytime! Thank you LuLin Teas.


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Posh Earl Grey from LuLin Teas: Good Morning tea-lovers! Today I am going to review this delightful looking tea … http://t.co/PPnmzK0Y

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