Premium White Peony from Grand Tea

Premium White Peony from Grand TeaThese are beautiful Bai Mu Dan leaves … I can see lots of fluffy silver fuzz!  In fact, as I gently poured a few leaves into my hand to put them into my gaiwan, the fuzz covered the palm of my hand! This tells me that Grand Tea takes care to treat its tea properly, and this is evident in the taste.  (I don’t usually use a spoon to measure White Tea because the size and shape of the tea leaves makes it difficult to measure that way.  I just eyeball it, and it works out just fine)

To brew these beautiful leaves, I started with 160°F water, and steeped them for five minutes.  This is how I typically brew a white tea, and it usually produces perfect results. I know that just about everyone has their own way of brewing white tea, and I’m not trying to suggest that mine is the only way to go.  This just happens to be the way I brew white tea and it works splendidly for me.

Generally speaking most white tea tends to be on the delicate side.  This is not always the case, and I have encountered several strong white teas.  This one, however, is delicate.  The flavor is light and crisp, with hints of fruit – fresh melon, perhaps? – in the background.  It is mild and sweet, and has a very calming effect when I sip it.  There is very little astringency in the finish.   The aftertaste is clean and lightly sweet.

Grand Tea describes this White Peony as

White Peony also known as “Bai Mu dan”. This tea is mild and has a fresh aftertaste. White Peony is minimally processed and contents very low caffeine and high concentration of antioxidants.

White tea tends to have a natural sweetness to it, so I don’t usually add additional sweetener (unless I’m testing out maple syrup for my foodie blog!)  And even though I did conduct that taste test with this white tea, I also brewed enough so that I could enjoy it without sweetener, and I found that while it IS delicious with a drizzle of maple syrup, I prefer it without.  The maple seemed to overwhelm those fresh melon notes I mentioned earlier.  It was still delicious with the maple flavor, but… that’s another review.

This is a very refreshing White Peony.  It is very pleasant and soothing after a busy day.

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