Pride of the Port from Peet’s Tea

pride-of-the-port Peet’s Coffee and Tea carries some of the best loose leaf blends I have found in my area of the Northwest. Pride of the Port is one of their highest quality, best tasting Black Tea blends. Though I often choose to drink Ceylon, this blend is an amazingly smooth, full bodied, tea with no bitterness at all. It is not smokey – but it’s not flowery either. A bit malty, but a flavorful blend like no other!

Peet’s Tea describes it this way:

Pride of the Port has been a Peet’s favorite for 10 years and we consider it our signature blend. Malty, floral, sweet and full-bodied, it’s a tea that you’ll always find something new in, yet you can always rely on for a rich and satisfying cup.

Though Peet’s says this has a floral tone… I don’t agree. Sweet and full-bodied, though, I quite agree! The side of the tin does not tell which black teas they have blended, nor does the website. But it contain a variety of high-grown quality golden, black and red tips – indicative of some of the highest quality black tea. It brews up to a nice reddish brown color.

I brew this loose leaf tea a pot at a time. Adding my favorite mixture of milk and sugar, I feel like a queen drinking this tea from one of my favorite teacups!

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The Peets Assam Extra Fancy and the cheaper Yunan Fancy are equal to if not better than Pride of the Port.

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